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Ilmiolavoro srl has its own system of management for Quality. It autonomously made that. The policy for quality is based on the following objectives:

  • Focusing attention on customer satisfaction
  • Putting efforts on VALUE creation perceived by customer /beneficiary
  • Implementing continuously NEW SOLUTIONS for the customer /beneficiary
  • Producing KNOWLEDGE with the involvement of all company resources
  • Promoting, for each staff resource, continuous growing processes in COMPETENCES needed to achieve his/her practical goals
  • Improving the company management and the Quality of resources (with a special focus on human resources)

In order to set how to reach general objectives, every year ilmiolavoro draws up a detailed document for the system of management for Quality, first and formost for in improvement plans. Applying the System for Quality and achieving mentioned OBJECTIVES is the working result of each staff resource in the company. The Quality Handbook, Procedures and Practical Instructions promote the commitment of all staff resources to act in this way.

The Quality handbook describes the approach by processes: beyond the transversal processes for Quality (Planning; managing documents and records; managing resources; monitoring and measuring; time managing; revision by Board), the main processes linked to ilmiolavoro business are the following:

  • R&D in the learning field;
  • Designing (business and calls/EU programmes);
  • Providing and implementing services;
  • customer /beneficiary satisfaction
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